Don't Lose your mind, lose your weight.

By Rujuta Diwekar

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A myth buster book, that will change your perception on dieting and eating correct. It will not just force you to change eating habits but your whole life style.
Rujuta will educate you everything related to fitness and diet, hence making the book desirable for all those who are interested in knowing 'how and why' and not only 'what' of the topics. Sometimes you may feel gyan overloaded, however such situations will occur rarely.
The text is full of real life examples of people who really suffered from losing their mind and health instead of weight, keeping your interest level high.
The book will teach you the secrets behind diet products like low fat biscuits and sugar free sweeteners.

Following are my learnings and take away from the book:

Everything that is herbal is not necessarily safe. Nicotine and marijuana are herbal too. If your pills are herbal it does not mean they are safe. Stay away from so called Ayurveda experts. Ayurveda is a very complex science and it takes more than a life time to decipher it. A 3 months course doesn't make one an Ayurveda expert.

Exercising and dieting can not work mutually. Crash diets will help you lose weight, but more from muscles and bones and less from body fat. Exercising will help you build muscles and high metabolic rate hence helping in losing the fat, however for that you need right diet (protein, calcium, vitamins, carbohydrates). Exercise and correct diet works together, you need to incorporate mix of both into your lifestyle to actually get the results. Ignoring one and following another (even the exercise) will not give you long term results.

Body weight is not the indicator of health and fitness. Body weight consist of many substances like fat, muscles, bones, water and so on. One may weigh high due to denser bones, high muscles and less fat, but this does not mean he is unhealthy, on the contrary this is desired. Compare fat to 1 KG cotton and muscle to 1 KG iron, same space but huge difference in their volume. Hence delete those BMI calculator apps from your phone, as BMI is just about body weight.

Better choose full fat ice cream over low fat ice cream. All these 'low fat', 'low calorie', 'low sugar', 'less fried' or 'not fried' at all are nothing but some sharp marketing strategies. Most of the low fat foods are barely 1 or 2 grams lower in fat than full fat version. But if you are eating the full fat versions you will limit yourself as you will know you are eating junk.

Juices are nothing but colored water. We don't get any anti-oxidants from juices because of their increased surface area. Hence, few large pieces of fruits are preferred over many small pieces only when eating whole fruit is not possible.

Mitahar. Staying attentive while eating is very crucial to not to cross your eating threshold. It is not easy to limit yourself at thin layer between over eating and eating right. And how can you expect your stomach to digest food while your mind is engrossed in watching TV or reading a book. Rujuta describes Mitahar as the practice of eating food when you cut off all the distractions and making all sensory organs focus on food. Your eyes watch the colors, nose smells the aroma, skin feels the texture of the food, ears listen to the silence and tongue feels the various tastes in the meal.

Five basic rules to increase nutrient intake

  1. Eat fresh food.
  2. The smaller the number of people food is prepared for, the better its nutrient level.
  3. Eat your vegetables and fruits whole instead of pieces.
  4. Eat what you have been eating since childhood remaining loyal with your genes.
  5. Eat local produce and seasonal food.

Protein Supplements No matter what they say about supplements, but protein supplement is vital if you work out regularly. Protein is something which turn exercise into anti aging activity.

Olive oil is not only silver bullet This hype of how healthy olive oil is has spread tremendously but many “non phoren”(which make them less elite for us) oils like peanut oil, rice brown oil are equally healthy (having equal MUFA content).
And one should try to prepare meals with different oils throughout the day. Oils like peanut oil, soy oil or safflower oil. But please make sure you do not reuse the oil, as reusing oxidises it making it toxic.

Essential supplements 1. Fatty acids like flax seed or omega-3 supplement, if issue with body fat
2. Protein if you work out
3. Calcium (Calcium citrate or lactate instead of carbonate or phosphate)

The 4 principals of eating right

  1. Never wake up to tea or coffee. Any intake having caffeine increases the blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate which we mistake it for feeling awake.
  2. Eat every two hours
  3. Eat more when you are more active and less when you less active
  4. Finish your last meal at least 2 hours prior to sleeping

The ideal way Steps one must follow in the ideal world

  1. Wake up closer to sun
  2. Eat meal 1 within 10 minutes of waking up
  3. Within an hour of meal 1, eat meal 2 a nice, home cooked breakfast.
  4. Eat every 2 hours after meal 2
  5. Eat your dinner within 2 hours of sunset
  6. Sleep at a fixed time

Eat local, think global. Apart from the great content I really liked her way of writing, educating the reader. No doubt there is so much gyan in the book and most of the things are those which will challenge you to change your current perception. Which a single blog can not do, hence making the necessity to read the book. With this I am so eager to read her next book 'Don't lose out, work out.'