Hacking mysql concat function

In this article I will be sharing my experience of using MySQL concat function for multiple purposes like creating insert queries and curl requests from existing data in MySql tables. But before dwelling into the queries I wrote, let's understand the use of concat function: concat function is used to ... Read more »


I was taking an interview when I noticed in the resume of the interviewee that he has written 70% of the code in a particular project. Out of sheer curiosity, I asked him how did he reckon this percentage. But to my disappointment, that number was not any intelligent calculation ... Read more »


This is part 2 of series of blogs Getting started with RabbitMq. In this blog we will dwell into Advanced Message Queuing Protocol. A truly interoperable protocol whose one of the implementation is rabbitMq. This blog presents the elementary topics from AMQP's official documentation. If you have time, energy and ... Read more »

Getting started with RabbitMq

In this series of blogs, I will be sharing my knowledge, gained through reading and working, on one of the AMQP broker: rabbitMq. We will start from basics like why do we need messaging protocol and what AMQP is, covering all basic building blocks of rabbitMq broker in later blogs, ... Read more »

Enlisting servers connected to mysql machine

Few days back our DBA updated the DNS entry of one of the slave to point it to newly created machine, with better configuration and disk space. Now we were required to switch all mysql connections (built by our app servers) from old machine to new one. show processlist gave ... Read more »